Lab Based Education

Lab is a research team consisting of a team leader, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Sometimes it includes visiting researchers from other institutions.
In a research team, master's students supervised by their specific supervisor, conduct research with research team members, and produce academic papers and master theses.
In a research project, each master's student takes part in a subtopic of the research theme. Lab Based Education is therefore conducted in a research team  under the leadership and supervision of the team leader.

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LBE Questionnaire 2014 (Closed)

  1. Guidelines for Defining LBE and its Criteria
  2. Guidelines for Monitoring LBE Eng Ver
  3. Guidelines for Monitoring LBE Bahasa Ver
  4. Application for Authorized LBE Lab 
  5. Monitoring Sheet for LBE Lab
  6. List of Authorized LBE 2012-2014


LBE description